The tormented mind of the Undead

Humans are but to Cattle for Us

The World of the Arch-Angel
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I am the one who give you the nightmares in your broken sleep. I am the one who guards you soul through the void. I am everything you hate and love. Don't fear me for who I am, but if it's fear you want. Then be fearful of what I can do to your soul in the Darkness. I can give you pleasure & pain within your mind & body. Just open yourself up to me willingly, or I will take you by force.

My dreams are vast and unending nightmares within this waking world. A blackened heart that pumps blood through a vivid corpse of humanity. I am a loveless immortal, praying on the living souls trapped inside this hell. Won’t you join me for a feast.

My embrace is burning but yet cold as ice,
My Stare is dead but so full of life & thought,
My words are silent yet they scream deep inside,
I'm deaf but I hear every word, cry, & scream.

I am sane in an insane world,
or was that insane in a sane world.

I'm everything & nothing,
I'm darkness but I need the light.
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